Welcome back to Prophecy Times. As many of you know, a few years ago my website was severely hacked, amongst many other prophecy sites all at the same time. The years of work, writing and operating prophecy times all went up in smoke and I closed the site, my heart just was not into starting all over from scratch. My web host deleted it off his server; he is positive he did, and everyone thought it was gone forever until a friend of mine decided to look it up and found it online. There're too many coincidences here for the sudden return of my website online to be nothing other than God putting me to work again. So I'm stuck with it again no matter what I think. 
The content and email list from the old site was Way Beyond repair and is gone forever. I will not be reopening the forms on this new website because I do not want to get into the cost and many problems that it caused before. The new prophecytimes.com will concentrate mostly on History, deception, prophecy and our Christian walk from the perspective from the time of the Apostles and Christ our Lord and Saviour.
I do have a full-time job so my writing will only be part-time, for I cannot put the hours in that I did before, for the weight of the workload did a terrible number for my health, of which I still suffer. So as time and money permit, I will slowly get all the programming working and, all writing will be from either my perspective of scripture, brother Chris Marchment or guest authors.
You can always email me at brotherchris@prophecytimes.com if you have any questions, advice on my writing, or would like to make a donation. If you have any of my older articles stored on your computer, could you send me a copy so I can put them on the new website please, this would save me hours and months of rewriting? 
Please keep me in your prayers that God's Holy Spirit will guide the words that flow from me and end up on this site.

Let not our differences separate us
but our search for truth, unite us
Brother Chris
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 Deception on Biblical Scales

As I research, investigate, and write different articles, I will be putting them first into a section or quick then write it into the chapters of my book, Deception on Biblical Scales,  for easier reading



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Christians have historically condemned apathy as a deficiency of love and devotion to God, apathy is referred to as Sloth and listed among the Seven Deadly Sins, wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. 


Eternal Hell Fire
[W]hen the earth is burned after the millennium period, and the final judgement day, and then recreated, this fire and brimstone all consuming inferno is actually hell fire wiping out all sin, death and sinners for eternity evermore.. 

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Vanity of Vanities
"Vanity" does not mean “foolish pride” as is most commonly believed, but implies an emptiness in our life, our heart, when we live apart from God.


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Prayer Times
 These specific hours of prayer are an integral part of "Yahweh's Divine Prayer System" that few today follow for fear of looking legalistic.


Jesus, Begotten Son
“the firstborn over all creation” actually means “the firstborn from the dead” referring to Jesus resurrection.
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Fight the Good Fight
The Bible would have us appeal with purity to the wisdom of our senior men and women of God as we did as children to our fathers and mothers that we may in this life and the next be found beyond reproach.