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The original web site was badly hacked and I had to close it down. I am trying to slowly rebuild it with all new and original articles. The cost of security and getting the forums going at this point is a expenditure that I cannot afford on my own. As donations come in, I will get the new programing done so that we all can add our research to expand upon articles.
I feel lead by the Ruach Ha-Kodesh (Holy Spirit) to turn this web site more into a Christian Roots, Prophecy Based Ministry. The focus of the new Prophecy Times will be:
   1. Spiritual articles written from the perspective of the time of Yahushua and the original church era.
   2. Instead of following the news and trying to interpret its prophetic meaning, I want to do a series of articles on what prophecy truly says so that we do not become deceived by world events happening right now.
   3  I want to do a series of articles on the Hebrew nations. We have the original Hebrews children, the lost ten tribes, the land of Israel and Christians grafted into the promises. Without understanding the different prophecies written and who they pertain to, interpreting prophecy can only lead to error, for not all prophecies pertain to the nation known today as Israel.
   4. This ministry observes the Feasts of Yahuwah according to His calendar. Without a complete understanding of these feasts and times, we cannot fully understand prophecy.
   5. This ministry approaches Scripture with a literal interpretation. We believe that Yahuwah is the same,yesterday, today and tomorrow. Therefore the Bible is not two books, old and new, but one message from Genesis to Revelation.
   6. We believe that we are saved by grace alone. But that is only the first step in our walk of faith.
   7. We believe that the Bible always interprets its self and through diligent study and the understanding of history, nothing is now hidden from us, not even prophecy.


Let not our differences separate us,
but our search for the truth unite us.

Brother Chris Marchment



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